About us

Custom Metal is Estonian brand and was founded in 2009. Our Production consist of production machines that have been chosen, with tehnology of tomorrow in mind and we always look forward to invest into new and innovative production solutions. All our production equipment is bought new and is getting regular maintenance. Our Turning centers are Y axis capable, so we can use active tools and offer mill/ turn solutions. We also have two milling centers and we offer metal laser cutting with AMADA 4kW fiberlaser.

Custom Metal’s mission is to be as flexible as possible and work with our clients to make sure we meet required deadlines and offer high-quality products on the first occasion.



CNC turning: We manufacture turning parts with Haas ST turning centers, also we have Y axis capability turning centers where mill/turn operation can be preformed.


CNC Milling:  Milling jobs are done with Haas VF-2ss, 12 000 rpm and Haas VF-3ss 15 000 rpm.


CNC Fiber laser: We offer lasercutting with  Amada’s LCG 3015 AJ 4kW fiberlaser. we can cut up to 20 mm of steel, 18 mm of stainless steel, 16 mm of aluminium and other materials including brass, copper and titan